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For availability of Queen bees and TRACKING on a mobile device type into it

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm Video Library  40 videos   ( 1 to 2 hrs each)

37 B movies including lectures on Bee Diseases Acarine & Nosema - Honey House Regulations-

Varroa spread virus to stressed hives attacking ribosomes causing fragmented RNA and CCD-text article

CNN report of an Israeli companies medicine to treat for CCD (3min 34sec)

Movies about RNA & Ribosomes

RNA interferance (gene silencing) potential use to bees to protect against viruses -text article

Keith Delaplane DNA & RNA silencing (10 min 50sec)

Viruses (23min 16sec)

5 Years Later, Scientists Still Puzzled by Honeybee Decline   ( 8min)

David Hackenberg and coluony collapse and pesticides   (35min 24sec)

Ph.D Student in entomology talk on CCD (49min)

5  Pest & Disease Videos -Trachael-Nosema-Varroa-SHB- EFB-AFB  ( 15min to 25min)

Regional Bee Inspector  ( 1hr 51 sec)

Australian perspective Varroa  - packages Australia to USA  (52min )
Bill turnbulls coverage of the BBKA Spring Convention 2007 (20min 52sec)

How to instructions..QUEEN REARING-grafting- plastic cell cups- Kingston Beekeepers (31min 13sec)

The Hive Honey Shop London (6 minutes)

Bee Farmer lecture - Wales ( 1hr)

Heather Honey (3min 57sec)

BBC Bee Nature video collection

Argentina APIMONDIA congress 2011 ( 9 min 57sec)

Ukraines bid APIMONDIA congress 2013 (15 min)

Beehive Scales (1 min 3 sec)

Bee Box used for Bee Hunting (4min 38sec)

The Beeswax Shipwreck of Nehalem-beeswax chunks, lost Spanish galleon from the 17th Century? (23mins)

Galleon Shipwreck - Beeswax                  ( 15min 54sec)

Honey Bees, Satellites and Climate Change - Real Player (51min 06sec)

Nucs,ross rounds from nucs,boric acid treatment hive beetle (5min 29sec)

Dr. Mandyam Srinivasan talks about the brains of bees, their vision, navigation and cognition. He applies these concepts to applied robotics. ( 6 parts 10 min each)


Artificial Honey - Formation of a Sweet Imitation - Real Player video
(2min 35sec)
Article describing the experiment of artificial honey

Amalyse in honey breaks down starch - Real Player video (3min 20sec)
Article describing honey breaking down starch

Apitherapy (4min 26sec)

Demonstration of Romanian Bee Venom Collector (45 sec)

EpiPen administration technique.Sting allergy (36 sec)

Old Beehives Lithuania (1min 23sec)

African beekeeping & Sunflowers (8min 08sec)

Colony records - hive management in the digital age (14MIN 34SEC)

Small Hive Beetle with honeybee ( 3sec)

Making Small Hive BeetleTraps (5min 51sec)

Beetle entering a hive (7min 15sec)

Honeybees decline & Small Hive Beetle trap (4min 46sec)

Making a wooden frame for a Bee hive - Beekeeping Tutorial (7min 01sec)

Installing wax foundation into a frame (7min 24sec)

Beekeeping for Honey Production   Lecture  ( 55 min )

Bee inspector talk on Nosema with candy feed    (42min)

Dr. Lu Hoeybee Colony Collapse Disorder lecture  ( 1hr 9min )
Open up hives in Spring - management-tar paper wrap-split (42min 50sec)

Lady beekeeper (34min 49sec)

Ethiopian lady beekeeper   ( 2min 35sec)

Nyango African beekeeper    ( 2min 39sec)

Her Majesty - The Queen Bee 1933 (5min 54 sec)

Small scale queen rearing  ( 34 min )

Practical working an apiary - inspecting hives (51 min)

Solar wax melter ( 8min 55sec)

Bee Hive Positioning with the Solar Pathfinder...Best location all year round (5min 17sec)

Solar Pathfinder demo (4min 35sec)

National Bee Unit York UK.. Varroa & Nosema Ceranae on play (5min)

Where are the bees ? (2min 25sec & 8min 12sec & 3min & 9min)

Honey B Healthy essential oils Varroa control (9min 59sec)

Bee Sting cure (9min 59sec)

Multiple sclerosis & Apitherapy (4min 44sec)

Acarine (9min)

Oxalic acid vaporization ( 5min 45sec)

Oxalic acid vaporization & observation clear crown board (2min 35sec)

Treating Beehives With Oxalic Acid Vapor ( 11min 34sec)

Oxalic Acid Mite Treat Vapor  ( 5min 50sec)

Oxalic acid vaporizer  for honey bee mite control   ( 8 min 52 sec )

Italian Vaporizer   ( 6min 21sec )

Facts and Theories on the Insect Head- Quicktime audio lecture in 3 parts- scroll top of page to play ...key in part 2 & part 3 in address bar for other lectures
by insect morphologist R E Snodgrass ( 30min each)


The Buckfast Bee - in the French language (8 min 10sec)

Kostas, Vionis, Beekeeper, Paros Greece  ( 2min 04sec)

Honey bee feeding - Quicktime movie ( 3 sec)

Winter losses (3min 07sec)

Hovering bees filmed at 6000 frames per second, plotting the unusual pattern of wing beats. The wing sweeps back in a 90° arc, then flips over as it returns – an incredible 230 times a second.

Honeybee in flight (1min)

News reports CCD - Bees dying in record numbers (Approx 3min each)




The Apiary Division   ( 25 min)

Varroa mite under the microscope ( 2min)

Amazonian bumble bee short clips

Imaging of the honeybee brain - scroll down page for videos

Less bees more demand for food & pollination (11min 17sec)

Climate changes stress on bees - Italy (2min 20sec)

Beekeeper School - Seasonal Management- 6 week mindset (8 min 10sec)

How to Grow a Bee Beard ( 5 min 53sec)

Mexico's Beekeepers -Yucatan (3min 21sec)

Honey & hay fever ( 6 minutes ) RealPlayer

Fundamentals of Pollination  ( 42 min )
Plant Reproduction: Methods of Pollination ( (3min 56sec)

Pollination Biology lecture (32 min 18sec)

CBS news -Disappearing bees- browse down article to Dr. Jerry Video link ( 2min 32sec)
+ 4 more RELATED VIDEO links below the movie

Buzzing With Beeswax - craft (9min 59sec)

Red Propolis (7min 29sec)

Warre Bee Hives  ( 8min 14sec)

Black Bear stealing honey (1min 24sec)

Collecting a Honey Bee Swarm (2min 28sec)

Beemaster TV 24 HOUR streaming beekeeping video channel

BICKERSTAFFS Greek bred queens B Movies

BICKERSTAFFS Finding the Queen bee with NEODYMIUM magnets (metal free hives only) (11min)

A YEAR IN THE APIARY- 1936 - B&W- Silent (26min)

Removing Queen from travelling cage to clip - Shenachie (1min 59sec)

Friday, August 22, 2008

African beekeeping (3min)+ Africanized Killer Bee Sting (4 Min)

Honey bee stinging - Quicktime movie (5sec)

Africanized Honey Bee - public safety discussion (58 min 28sec)

Bee Venom Therapy (2min 55sec)

Opening up hive basics (4min 58sec)

Honey bee swarm leaving a hive (8min 3sec)

Robbing behavior at the hive entrance ( 1min 17sec)

Penn & Teller magicians (3min 24sec)

Solar Beewax Melter (4min 45sec)

Melipona subnitida - stingless bee (38sec)

Native bees from around the world- leafcutter-carpenter-mason-stingless    24+ videos

Wax moth & larva & brood problems ( 6min & 3min)

Swienty honey filling machine & plastic cups(1min 24sec/1min 39sec)

Starting in beekeeping - honey extraction & filtering in 3 parts(4-6mins)

Cardboard nuc (3min 05sec)

Commercial Beeyard Tour (7min 03sec)

Pressing Honey   ( 6min 47sec)

Poor honey season UK (3min 46sec)

Newsnight UK report - decline of the bee (8min 23sec)

Britain to halve the number of hive inspectors. (2min 12sec)

Lady beekeeper hive demonstration UK (10 min)

Honey bee hot air balloons (55 sec)

Using bees to clean up honey supers/disease-robbing danger(4min 27sec)

Documentary - Bee Smokers in History  ( 36 min 49 sec )

Recipie for beeswax coating for Blacksmith
(4min 42sec)

0pen feeding honey bees    ( 3min 24sec)
Beekeeping in Ghana & Top Bar hive- 26 videos-scroll down page

Impressions of a beekeeping project in central Ethiopia- 3 parts ( 6mins each)


Virus IAPV a possible link with CCD (2-5mins)

Installing Small Cell Foundation (4min 2sec)

Rolled beeswax candles ( 3min 26sec)

Craft projects with beeswax (8-9mins)


Honey hunting in the Himalayas- 2 videos (12min 34sec)

MSRA & Honey (1min 37sec)

Bandages using manuka honey (4min)

Sci-Tech: Bacteria-fighting honey (3min 28sec)

Short Course Lecture - Winter and Spring Management (entering 2nd year)   ( 1hr 15min )
Honey beauty treatment ( 3min 37sec)

Paris apiary attraction  ( 59sec)
Beeswax candle molds ( 10min 38sec)

Installing package bees (9min 31)

The dark Asian Apis Cerana Queen bee Malaysia
( 57sec)

Tracheal and Nosema &   tracheal mite dissection ( 1 hr 9min )

The Sustainable Apiary - 2 part lecture  (  2 hr )



How To Build A Kenya Top Bar Hive   6 parts  av  9  min



Topbar Hive Beekeeping  ( 5min 31sec)

Kenya Top Bar Hive Feeding Frame   ( 2min 03 sec)

Kenya Top Bar Hive - Air Gap On Top Of The Top Bars ( 1min 28 sec)

Extracting honey from a top bar hive   ( 7min 17sec)

Moving bees from frames to a top bar hive  ( 12min 15sec )

Gold Star Top Bar Hive Assembly  ( 25min 16 sec)

Hanging top bar hives apiary   ( 10 min 14sec)

Beekeeping development project Africa    (13min  44sec)

Punjab Pakistan the giant honey bee Apis Dorsata (1min)

Forest Beekeepers Kenya   ( 4min 19sec)

Training of beekeepers Ethiopia  ( 3min 30sec)

Beekeeping project Kenya  ( 2min 59sec)

Beekeeping in Africa (7min )

California pollination (4min 31sec)(2min 30sec)

Secrets of the honey bee genome revealed ( 4min 30sec)

Varroa resistance to chemical treatments - Kent UK (4min 10sec)

Disappearance of the Honey Bees (29min)

Mystery behind bees alarming disappearance & place in nature-Dennis vanEngelsdorp.(16min 28sec)

Beekeeping college presentation (5min 47sec)

Multimedia bee anatomy - Flash video

Making queen cell cups at home (1min 17sec)

Components that make up a hive
(2min 02sec)

Beekeeping During Drought  ( 2min 28sec)

Varroa mite monitoring system - denatured alcohol
(10 min 42 sec)

What`s involved in making a beekeeping video

Beekeeping classes & suits (6 min 55 sec) RealPlayer

Teaching beekeeping London (1min 06sec)

Herefordshire Beekeepers' Association   ( 3min 42sec)
Architects in nature- Hexagonal comb -(scroll play bar to start at 5 min-33sec.. it ends at 11 min 20)

Tropilaelaps clareae - short movies- ( 6 sec)

2008 South Western Beekeeping School Key Note talk (7 min each)


An article by Br Columban Wanner who re-established the apiaries at Buckfast Abbey in 1885.(7 Min)
The young Karl Kehrle (Brother Adam) was to join him in 1910 at 12 years of age.

The honeybee genome - 4 Flash videos - Introduction/ Genome/Analysing/Conclusions

Bee's ability to communicate. Stingless & honey bees .Lecture (46min 15sec)

Bees,Brains & Rewards.Lecture ( 17:15-32:22)

Asiatic Black Bear feeding on honey (30 sec)

Waggle dance   ( 18min 20sec)

Live Hive - Web cam inside the hive -

Beekeeping by  rotation  ( 51min 20sec)

Royal Jelly commercial (7min 30sec)

Raw Honey  ( 4min 24 sec)

Honey Judging   ( 1hr 32min)

Dr. Mark Stein lecture on Bee Venom   ( 1hr 02min )
Blind beekeeper builds a successful business (6min 43sec)

Hudson Valley-small cell- requeening -Langstroth & top bar hive (18min 20sec)

Migratory beekeeper (2min 52sec)

Dave Mendes of Florida 7000 hive migratory commercial beekeeper demonstration  ( 47 min 18sec )
Honey for sale- roadside sign & display marketing (1min 26sec)

Life cycle of the Honeybee & Varroa mite (10 min 25 sec)

Bee genome biological research
Workshop Keynote Speeches University of Illinois- 15 Videos

A top feeder sugar syrup ( 4min 22sec)

Feeding package bees (2min)

Open feeding 440 colonies with drums of sugar,corn syrup (7min 26sec)

Checking the hive including skunk protection & harvesting honey ( 9&8min)

Rooftop gardening/beekeeping in Toronto  ( 1min )

New York City rooftop hive ( 7min 24sec)

Japans Rooftop Gardens  ( 2min 46sec)

Beekeeping in Downtown LA  ( 3min 25sec)
The Poetry of Bees   ( 27min 18sec)

African beekeeping (8min 09sec)

Woodpecker damage to a hive (1min 40sec)

Soviet 1947 educational 16mm B&W film (7min 34 sec)

Bar Code placed on honey bees for scanning
(1min 46sec)

Bear fence at a cranberry bog (2min 41sec)

Bermuda island beekeeper (5min 21sec)

The Sustainable Apiary Presentation  in 2 parts ( 2 hr )


Traditional Mediteranean hives in stone walls - removing honey (4min 41sec)

Slow motion bees wings flight (3min)

Canadian beekeepers (5min 35sec)

Bee's Buzz (1929) Mack Sennett Comedies -bees nest scenes towards the end (19min33)

Homemade honey facial cleanser recipe relaxing & healing facial mask (3min 27sec)

Towards a Treatment Free  Lecture Apiary  ( 1hr 12 min )

Build a solar wax melter /small hive beetle trap+ 10 more videos to the right (8min 55sec)

Extracting thixotropic Manuka honey ( 4min 17sec)

Oxalic acid vaporizer - Varroa control ( 9min 50sec)

Round section honey comb ( 6min 28sec)

Escaping   -overheated hives  ( 8 min 16 sec )

Short Course Lecture - Installing Bees, Spring Management   ( 57 min 11sec)

Beekeeper in Slovenian Alps   ( 2min 34 sec)

Australian honey farmer - small single honey serves to the Middle East market
( 5min 48sec)

Checking the Bees in Winter (2min 13sec)

Short Course Lecture - Honey Harvesting   (1 hr)

Beekeeping talk at Tennessee State Fair (28 min)

Queen rearing, small hive beetle & ccd talk (23min 17sec)

Making Beeswax Candles   ( 27min 32sec)

Wintering Buckfast bees in Finland  ( 6min 37sec)

Orchid Bees -Charles Darwin & pollination (8min 49sec)

Melipona Bee & Vanilla pollination (3min 42sec)

Bee Truck fitted crane (1min 12sec)

Chinese beekeeper  ( 2min 34sec)

Giant honey bees - Life in the Undergrowth - BBC Attenborough (4min 49sec)

Burts Bees Skin care business woman (4min 02sec)

Pakistan women beekeepers-20 tonnes mountain honey (9min 26sec)

Harvesting the Honey (8min 27sec)

Re- waxing plastic frame foundation from dead out hives (2min 35sec & 3min 37sec)

Short Course Lecture - Hive Components   ( 1hr)

Treatment free beekeeping  ( 1hr 12min)

Brewster Beehive Clock, ca. 1838

Urban beekeeping  2 parts   ( 10min )

The Rise of Rooftop Bees - Chicago   ( 6min 20sec)

Beecology Offers Bee-centric Body Care products   ( 5min 42sec)

National Management Survey 2010-2011   11 videos  ( 3-8 mins)

Almond pollination   ( 5min 17sec)

Migrate hives to Almonds   ( 5min 06sec)

Bees and Almonds: Productive Business Partners   ( 5min 56 sec)

Pollinating Apple and Pear Orchards with Honeybees   ( 4min 37sec)

Making nuclei with combs of emerging brood      ( 2min 28sec)

American Foulbrood and Small Hive Beetle in bees -  Australian video series  ( 5 - 10 min)

General aspects of Bacteria lecture (1hr 27min)

Bacteria (18min 26sec)

Selection of honey bees for vitality       ( 18 min 09 sec )

Selection of honey bees for yield and behaviour     ( 24 min 35 sec )

Silence of the bees  ( 50 min 35 sec )

Swarm Intelligence in Honey Bees   ( 1 hr 7min )

The Flight Guidance Mechanisms of Honey Bee Swarms (57min 8sec)

Overview of Queen Rearing  ( 1hr 15min)

Breeding of Queen Bees   in   5 parts  Av ( 14 min )


Instrumental Insemination of Honey Bee Queens    2 parts ( 20 min )


Heathland Beekeeping - 1. Heathland Beekeeping - 1 Spring Work in a Heather Skep Apiary Spring Work in a Heather Skep Apiary        ( 14min 46 sec)

Heathland Beekeeping - 2 - Preparations for the swarming period in a Heather Skep Apiary   (13min 40sec)

Heathland Beekeeping - 3 Work in a Heather Skep Apiary during the Prime Swarming Period Work in a Heather Skep Apiary during the Prime Swarming Period   (12 min 17sec)

Heathland Beekeeping - 4 Work in a Heather Skep Apiary during the Cast Swarming Period Work in a Heather Skep Apiary during the Cast Swarming Period     (26min 23sec)

Heathland Beekeeping - 5 Summer Work during the Heather Blossom in a Skep Apiary Summer Work during the Heather Blossom in a skepti Apiary    (22min 14sec)

Heathland Beekeeping - 6 Autumn Work in a Heather Skep Apiary Autumn Work in a Heather Skep Apiary     (20min 03sec)

 Heathland Beekeeping - 7 Harvest of Heather Honey in a Skep Apiary Harvest of Heather Honey in a skepti Apiary     ( 12min 21 sec)

Heathland Beekeeping - 8 Bees' Wax Pressing in a Traditional Apiary Bees' Wax Pressing in a Traditional Apiary      (18min 48sec)

Skep making   ( 14 min 04 sec )

Bumble bees, their colony and nest    (  22min 56 sec  )

Honeybee Blues  Varroa & efforts of Australian scientist   ( 52 min )

Australians Small Hive Beetle Infestation   ( 10 min 08 sec )

Presentation on Traps for small hive beetles  ( 28 min )


Food & Drink

Making a Mead (21 Min)

Flavouring a Mead (16 Min 45sec)

The Mead Yeast Experiment - Quicktime movie -

Tasting the Mead Yeast Experiment -

Tour of a professional Meadery - Quicktime movie -

Mead making Video Tutorial (15min)

B. Nektar Meadery - Cranberry Melomel (4min 05sec)

Honey Roasted Almonds ( 5min 22sec)

Honey Tasting  ( 58min )

Historical Uses of Honey as Food  ( 47min 50sec)

Honey and mustard sausages with cheddar mash (3min 33sec)

Honey for Better Health and Performance ( 48min 38sec)
How to make Honey& Banana drink ( 1min 48sec)

Honey cake - 20,000 sold a month - Czech Republic (4 min 17 sec) RealPlayer

Honey butter spread ( 2min 5sec)

Learn How To Make Steamed Honey Pears (3min 43sec)

Apple Honey Shake Video Recipe (53sec)

Honey flan (2min)

Mead Making  ( 58 min )

Moonlight Meadery   ( 1min 52 sec)

Making Mead ( 37min 53sec)

Making Tej, the Ethiopian Honey Wine  ( 8min )

Honey Crisp Cider  ( 3min 24 sec)

Raw Kefir with Honey and Bananas video (1min 2 sec)

How To Make Honey Glazed Almond Trout (3min 44sec)

How To Make Honey-Roasted Duck Breast Salad (3min 52sec)

How To Make Grilled Honey Rosemary Lamb Chops With Mustard Potatoes (4min 16sec)

Honey-Glazed Wings Cooking Video (1min 33sec)

Beekeeping for the young

How bees make honey- animations for children ( 1min 31sec)

Make a Bee Hummer toy : Step-by-step demonstrations in 3 parts (31sec, 6min8sec,1min 27sec)


Beehive ( 1min 12sec)

Childrens guide to the Queen bee - marking (1min 33sec)

Donald Duck the beekeeper cartoon ( 6min 44sec)

Donald Duck 1951 Bee On Guard (7min 03sec)

Sustainable Earth Show: Bee (9min 51sec)

How to Make a Clothes Hanger / Bee Mobile Bumble Bee - Part 1 (8min 21sec)

How to Make a Clothes Hanger / Bee Mobile Bumble Bee - Part 2 (8min)

Honey natural healthy food in childrens diet ( 30 min)

The buzz of town, and he's only 9  ( 1min 34sec)

Fun bees animation ( 3 mins)

The World of Bees  children's exhibit centre (5min 50sec)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

THE BEE INSPECTOR. David Kemp (15 min each audio episode) * REALPLAYER

3. Autumn. Harvest

4. Winter. CSL labs York

Bee Health           35 movies

inc AFB,  EFB,  Chalkbrood, Nosema , Sac Brood,  Acarine & sundry beekeeping

Tennessee BKA -The importance of the honey bee in pollination (9 min)

Varroa resistance to chemical treatments - Kent UK (4min 10sec)

Nosema - Dr Jamie Ellis talk (15 min 15sec)

Beehive Frames & Frame Assembly - Part 1 - Overview (8min 28sec)
Beehive Frames & Frame Assembly - Part 2 - Foundation & Wiring (9min 21sec)
Frames & Frame Assembly - Part 3 - Eyelets and Assembly (9min 16sec)
Frames & Frame Assembly - Part 4 - Jigs and Air Nailers (8min 01sec)

Stingless bees in Peru (9min 46sec)

Trachael Mite Dissection   ( 1min 07sec)

Handling Nosema samples  ( 3 min 39 sec)

Nosema under the microscope   ( 1min 27sec)

Beekeeping in the 1930s   5 parts   av ( 8min)


1940s silent instructional film    (12 min 45 sec)

Argentina - queen bees available November to March -22 videos (1-2mins)

Washington, D.C.Senate Agriculture Committee hearing on CCD -RealPlayer (7min 48sec)
Beekeeping - the basics for beginners - 15 short 1minute videos
Apitherapy Video - Bee Venom ( 4 min 27 sec) RealPlayer
How bee stings helped against MS & arthritis ( 7min 06 sec)
What is Anaphylaxis (4min 04sec)

The Archies - Sugar Sugar - song   (3 min 04sec)
Bee City B&W (1951) (11min)
Dr Eva Crane ( 8 min 54 sec) RealPlayer
Extracting thixotropic Manuka honey ( 4min 17sec)
Beekeeping as a career (5min 34sec)
India - commercial honey production (10min 24sec)

PT 1 Honey Super construction (6min 18sec)
PT 2 Honey Super Construction (6min 19sec)

Presentation on  small hive beetle  ( 1hr 15min )

The Beetle Eater - one weapon in the fight against the Small Hive Beetle (1min 02sec)

Beetle Trap design (4min 7sec)

Beetle Trap water control ( 2min)

Beetle Trap assembly ( 2min 54 sec)

Hive Beetle larva destroy comb ( 3min 3sec)

Hive Beetle trap filling & installing ( 10min 20sec)

Making Small Hive BeetleTraps  ( 5 min 51 sec )

DIY Hive Beetle Traps   ( 9min 50 sec )

Trapping Small Hive Beetle   ( 3 min 06 sec )

Small hive beetle trap developed by Sonny/Mel   ( 8min 09sec)

Australian Victim of SMALL HIVE BEETLE   & reclaiming wax 2 parts   ( 16 min )

Small hive beetle population dynamics   ( 25min 45 sec )

Hive Beetle and Honeybees  4 parts  av ( 14 mins )

The experiences of an amateur beekeeper- 21 parts   (80 min )

Hobby Beekeeping in Urban Environments  ( 46min 54sec)

The magic of urban beekeeping: a backyard San Francisco hive  ( 12min 14 sec)

Migratory hives worked  on a trailer at the sunflower   ( 4 min 44sec )

The new Beehaus from Omlet   (3min 27 sec)

Beekeeping tips with the Omlet Beehaus  (14 min 42 sec )

The Wisdom of Bees   -teach managers decision-making, communication and forward planning.    ( 1hr 15min)

Beehive Hand Hold Improvement ( 6min 38sec)

Sugar Water Mixing- feeding bees ( 4min 12sec)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Somerset Beekeepers Association (videos vary 2 to 10 minutes)* Chunk honey / * test for extraction /* assemble a frame /* uncapping comb/* taking an artificial swarm /* learn about sections /* produce cut comb /* create nucleus

A Practical Guide to Requeening  ( 1hr 11min)

Branding frames - theft deterrent ( 1min 39sec)

Multi use of drip trays ( 7min 35sec)

Observation window beehive using nucs ( 4min 05sec)

Karl von Frisch 1927 silent film-bee communication -scroll to bottom of page (5min 40sec)

North American Beekeeping Conference  50+ mp3 audios
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The B FAiR website

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